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Toddler sleeps in my bed

I need more sleep

Deor has been sleeping in our bed most nights for the last month or so. Maybe it’s been 6 months… It feels like it!  He’s now 26 months old and he is able to throw himself out of his cot and onto our bed where he will punch me repeatedly in the face and kick me in the ribs all night long. Abuser! Ted Coine told me it was natural contraception.

Oddly I feel very close to him when he beats me up in my sleep. Oh he is very close! Sometimes I’ll feel pressure on my face and it’s his little elbow digging into my cheek!

I’m so sleep deprived… I love him to bits. I kinda don’t mind this terrible 2 period where he throws tantrums intermittently. I don’t like it when he ignores me as if I don’t exist. That’s weird to me. I need more sleep… I’m glad Deor gets plenty of rest. I’ll put the kicking and punching down to neurons firing around giving him mini dreams where he’s fighting with giant soft toys or something along those lines…


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