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Not-So-Obvious Things You Need To Sort For Your Big Day

When we are planning our big day, a lot of focus goes on finding the right venue, dress, and photographer for the event. And we can spend months sorting out these details. But while it’s important they are at the forefront of your mind, there are some other things you need to focus on for the sake of your big day. In fact, if you don’t sort these in advance, you could be left looking back with regret after the wedding day. Therefore, here are some not-so-obvious things you need to sort for your big day.

A father daughter dance

Everybody goes on about the first dance. After all, it’s a special moment between the new husband and wife. And a lot of couples spend ages picking out a song which means something to them both. They also practice the dance in advance, and for some couples, they go for dance lessons before the big day. But while the first dance is a special moment, it’s actually the father daughter dance which leaves guests with tears in their eyes. After all, it’s often a chance for the dad and daughter to say their goodbyes before she starts her married life. And it’s often an emotional moment for the dad as they dance together. Therefore, make sure you do sort out the dance, so you don’t live with regret after the big day. You can find some good suggestions online of songs that would be suitable for the father daughter dance.

Wedding insurance

We all hope and pray that the wedding day will go all to plan. After all, we have spent a ton of money on making the day perfect. But if you or your partner, or even a close member gets sick, it can mean you have to cancel the wedding. And then you could potentially lose all your money for the big day. However, if you sort out wedding insurance, it could mean you can make a claim and get your money back. That way, you can rearrange the big day for another time. But a lot of people forget to sort out insurance in the run up to the wedding. So they are left feeling the pinch if something happens. Therefore, you should go through a company like wedinsure wedding insurance to ensure you are covered for the big day. That way, you can rest easy that if something occurs, you will have the funds to cover it.

Kid activities and games

It’s always a hard one deciding whether to invite kids or not to the wedding day. After all, they can make the day extra special. But it can make it difficult for the parents to let their hair down. Therefore, if you are inviting kids, you should look at arranging some activities and games to keep them busy. After all, it will keep them occupied during the long speeches so you will have little crying during the video. And the parents will be grateful that their children have something to do. Therefore, put some games on the table to keep them busy during the wedding breakfast and beyond!

And remember to sort out gifts for the wedding party. After all, they will have had to deal with you being a bit of a bridezilla during the last few months!

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