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  • I attempt to eat 15 pringles at once

    I attempt to eat 15 pringles at once. See the vid to see the results

  • What is it with parcel companies?

    So I missed a parcel the other day because I was out. I arranged the redelivery using the royal mail website to get it redelivered...

  • I attempt 10 pringles in my eat as many as you can in your mouth at one time challenge

    click on the below video to see what happens in my attempt. Feel free to join in!

  • I eat a load of hot raw chillis

    I eat a load of hot raw chillis to help promote tuberavers again. See below video

  • Kwai Chi’s Pringle challenge is now live!

    My new challenge involves trying to eat as many pringles as possible in one go.  See above video or go to where you can post...

  • Dodgy watch repair and youtube promos

    To cut a long story short I needed a new battery for my Tag Heuer watch and there is only one place in the UK...

  • Improvements are slow going on

    I’m impressed to see that site visits have gone up very quickly to my blogsite. It feels slow going but I am making a...

  • An exciting new chapter

    Out goes the old and in comes the new funky website for Kwai Chi. It’s been a really long time since I last touched my...