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  • RIP MJ

    Rest in peace to the legendary Michael Jackson.

  • My Hair

    Things you didn’t know about my amazing hair…

  • Twitter

    Follow my twitter @

  • I asked her to marry me

    On the 2nd May 2009, after a long day out celebrating our first anniversary together I proposed to my girlfriend whom I first met at...

  • Noisy Neighbour

    Annoyingly when we tried to complain about a noisy neighbour at 4am we had no help! See the above video to see what I mean!

  • Things to do in London: Piccadilly Circus

    The above video shows a little of what you can expect at Piccadilly Circus

  • Facebook

    The above video is about facebook fan sites

  • Things to do in London: Covent Garden Market

    I’ve previously taken you around covent garden but this is a video just about the market and it’s history as a fruit & flower market.

  • Product Review: Sonic Bomb Alarm clock

    This product is now available form Kwai Chi’s online store @ This has got to be the loudest alarm clock in the world! The...

  • Wii Fat

    Did you buy the wii fit just to get a little wii fatter? Well that’s what’s happened to me. Watch the above video to find...