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  • Product review: Veetee Rice

    I review the Veetee rice range in the above video

  • Product review: Philips Philishave Arcitec Review RQ1095

    Here’s a video review of the Philips Philishave Arcitec RQ1095.

  • Movie Review: Bratz

    Bratz 0/5 OK, so watching loads of movies means that I also watch rubbish movies even when I know they’re going to be bad.

  • Movie Review: Them (Ils)

    Movie review: Them (Ils) 2/5 This is a French horror film based in Romania. It basically follows the same plot lines as most ghost horrors...

  • Movie Review: The Rocky horror picture show

    The Rocky horror picture show 1/5 So you’ve heard about it, you’ve probably seen it – it’s the Rocky horror picture show! This old classic...

  • Movie Review: Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace 2/5 This is the film about William Wilberforce who was a prominent politician in England many years ago. The film centres around his...

  • Movie Review: Yes Man

    Yes Man 3/5 Jim Carrey takes another outing in a silly comedy film. Up alongside him is kooky Zooey Deschanel.

  • Movie Reviews: Hostel:Part II

    Hostel:Part II 2/5 Following on from the success of the first film, writer/director Eli Roth was at it again with a sequel.

  • Takeaway review: Zulfi’s, 66 Brudenell road, Leeds

    Zulfi’s 66 Brudenell Road Leeds 0113 278 6830 / 0800 389 2933 Rating 1/10 I was hungry the other night and decided to order in...

  • Movie Review: Changeling

    Changeling 4/5 This is the film made by Clint Eastwood starring Angelina Jolie and not a story about a security officer on Deep Space Nine.