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  • The social networking minefield

    It’s taken me absolutely ages but I have gone through and updated all my social networking pages and set up fan pages where appropriate.

  • I’m knackered and so is Woolworths

    After an intensive session in the gym yesterday i feel absolutely knackered today. I’ve still been productive in planning future posts for this website and...

  • Recipe: Autumn Snowflake Stir Fry

    It’s quite an easy dish to make and takes less than 30 minutes to make.

  • Movie Review: Mr Brooks

    Mr Brooks 3.5/5 This slowly tense but captivating thriller starring Kevin Costner and Demi Moore utilises strong character development as expected from Kevin.

  • The Xmas Tree is up!

    The Christmas tree is up for this year. I haven’t had a tree up for a few years now and felt like a change this...

  • Movie Review: Breaking and Entering

    Breaking and Entering 4/5 One of Anthony Minghella’s most recent works before his death sees familiar faces in Jude Law, Juliette Binoche, Martin Freeman and Robin...

  • 2.5% sale everywhere in the UK!

    Quick, quick – get over to any shop, etailer or service in the UK! There’s a 2.5% sale coming soon for a limited time only!...

  • I attempt to eat 15 pringles at once

    I attempt to eat 15 pringles at once. See the vid to see the results

  • What is it with parcel companies?

    So I missed a parcel the other day because I was out. I arranged the redelivery using the royal mail website to get it redelivered...

  • I attempt 10 pringles in my eat as many as you can in your mouth at one time challenge

    click on the below video to see what happens in my attempt. Feel free to join in!