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  • I’ve been totally Starbuck’d by the VIA taste Challenge!

    The above video basically tells it all in detail with the VIA taste challenge info that I got through the post for being a loyal...

  • The pringle challenge get’s ridiculously hard at 25 pringles in my mouth in one go!

    I’ve got the video above as usual for you to see whether I achieve eating 25 pringles at once or not.

  • The pringle challenge starts to get hard – 20 pringles

    I had no expectations of how many pringles I would be able to eat in my mouth at one go

  • I attempt to eat 15 pringles at once

    I attempt to eat 15 pringles at once. See the vid to see the results

  • I attempt 10 pringles in my eat as many as you can in your mouth at one time challenge

    click on the below video to see what happens in my attempt. Feel free to join in!

  • Kwai Chi’s Pringle challenge is now live!

    My new challenge involves trying to eat as many pringles as possible in one go.  See above video or go to http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ISRkgVoeneU where you can post...